Acro Transitions & Flow
January 25 (Monday) at 5:15 pm (GMT-05:00)

Online Class

Nailah Ramcharan-Gibbs
Class length
45 minutes
ZOOM Online
Deepen your acro practice by delving into the world of skill transitions and acrobatic improvisations! Following a full body warmup, we will explore the fundamentals of creating and performing acro combinations that showcase your versatility, strengths, and artistry while challenging your endurance and creativity. This workshop will end with a guided acro flow to encourage trust in your instincts, confidence in your physical abilities, and introduce starting points for your own acrobatic creations! Minimum requirements: 30 sec bridge, handstand in centre, elbow stand in centre, and bridge with one arm/leg. 

Learn more about Nailah: @nailahrg

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